1st May: MayDay in Dos de Mayo square with assembly on precariaty, unemployments, cooperation, occupation of factories, selfmanagement, alternatives
2nd May: Assembly on commons in Dos de Mayo square
15th May: StopTroika #SanIsidroIndignado #taketheriver Marching from the Manzanare to Puerta del Sol, open mic and performance #anniversary of the 15M movement,
17th May: No debts, No borders, No fear 6 pm march from Cibeles to Puerta del Sol, 8 pm assembly in Puerta del SOL : we’ll read the international call at the beginning of the Assembly (focus on common international struggles, repression – Ley Mordaza, alternatives built in these 3 years)
17-18th May: 15M opendoor in the Cebada space
18th may: celebrating one year of Madrid people square
24th May: #StopMonsanto #StopTTIP actions
25th May midday in Puerta del Sol: Assembly celebrating 3 years of popular assemblies in Madrid

Madrid and Barcelona:
From the 12th to the 25th, escraches campaign of the PAH in Madrid and Barcelona, against the political responsibles of debt policies.

Spanish Call:

¡Solidaridad más allá de las fronteras – construyendo democracia desde abajo!