17M – Rome – Demonstration for Commons against austerity and privatization

rome commoners of europe rise uprome 17th may 2014






On 17th of May in Rome the demonstration for commons against privatizations and austerity took place. In the frame of the European action days, thousands of people took the streets to reaffirm the necessity of a “common management of the commons”, against the great works unnecessary, against the environmental devastation and for the right to city.

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Today’s Blockupy Action Day in Germany was a great success! Acteurs of Crisis were tackled in 4 big cities.

In Berlin the day started with a rally at Oranienplatz together with refugees and supporters who then started their journey to  Strasbourg, where they start the International March 4 Freedom for freedom of movement: http://freedomnotfrontex.noblogs.org/. The final speech before the demonstration began ended with everyone chanting “Soma was no accident. Soma was murder! Fight capitalism everywhere!”
The demonstration started at around 1:30pm and at around 2:30 a rally took place in front of the “Haus der Deutschen Wirtschaft”, the office of the Federation of German Industries and the Federation of German Employer Organizations – two economic institutions with a share of responsibility for the destructive crisis management policies and inequality in Europe. When the demonstration continued following the rally, the walls were marked by some paint bombs. The demonstration then continued through the middle of the Berlin city center. At around 3:20 pm the police stormed into the demonstration and violently arrested 2 or 3 activists. All activists who were arrested were released less than two hours later. The demo was terminated after the police attack. Demonstration participants held a spontaneous closing rally and planned a BBQ at the Tempelhofer Feld. berlin demo1
berlin demo3 berlin demo 2
Police repression at the Rally
The “House of German Economics” getting what it deserves.

May 16 – Action Reports from Frankfurt and Luebeck

Frankfurt: The manifestation of the right-wing party “AfD” (“Alternative for Germany”) in the Frankfurt city center was canceled due to massive antifascist protests of Blockupy participants. Eggs and paint were thrown and slogans like “nationalism is no alternative!” where shouted by the antifascists. Hans-Olaf-Henkel, the first candidate of the AfD list, a friend of the well-known Racist public figure Thilo Sarrazin and former boss of the BDI (German Business Association), was hit by an egg. There were two arrests by the police, but eventually the AfD canceled their “event”.
Actions continued at the Apple Store in Frankfurt city center, where hundreds of people gathered for a go-in against the terrible working conditions in Apple production. Banners were hung up inside the Apple Store and the action was a great success. A spontaneous action continued at the Adidas Store.
Luebeck – Activists marked textile and electronic shops in Luebeck with red colour. The main slogan was “capitalism kills”. The action took place in the afternoon in the crowded pedestrian zone. Leaflets explained the background of the paint marks to the shopping people. Just as the police showed up the action was finished and the activists disappeared.

Let´s tackle Apple Frankfurt

About 200 participants, with protest banners inside and outside, a funny quizshow and arrow-shooting on the apple symbol, speeches about precarious labour conditions and about the resistance of foxconn workers, and after the manifestation with blocking effects another spontanous demonstration with a go-in in the Adidas store…

SACOM Hong Kong supports Let´s tackle Apple!

16 May 2014, Hong Kong
Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior
Statement Supporting “Let’s Tackle Apple Action” of May of Solidarity in Europe

hongkongToday, workers and activists call for the “Let’s Tackle Apple Action” in different European cities, in front of the stores of the world’s most valuable brand Apple, to protest against Apple and its chief supplier Foxconn in labour exploitation. This concrete, transnational solidarity action is part of the May of Solidarity mobilization promoted by the Blockupy’s coordination and is very meaningful in nurturing grassroots strength, and challenging corporate squeeze in global electronic production. SACOM stands by our comrades around the world to end exploitation.

15M Granada organized a gathering and action against Falange memorial

On May 15th Blockupy activists participated in the 3rd anniversary of the 15M movement in Granada.
In referance to the Blockupy Days of Action they wore umbrellas with the slogans “Resistance in the heart. Blockupy” and “Democracy. Solidarity. Commons. No Troika.”.

15 M Granada had called for various actions.
In the Evening they started with a gathering.
After the gathering activits “marked” the memorial of the founder of the fascist Falange Party.




Am 15. Mai beteiligten Blockupy-Aktivist_innen am dritten Jahrestag der 15M-Bewegung in Granada. Mit Flyern wiesen sie auf die bevorstehenden transnationalen Blockupy-Aktionstage hin und trugen Regenschirme mit den Aufschriften “Widerstand im Herzen. Blockupy.“ und „Demokratie. Solidarität. Commons. No Troika“ bei sich.
15M Granada hatte für diesen Tag zu einer Reihe von Aktionen aufgerufen. Auf dem Platz Vorplatz der Subdelegation der Regierung begannen diese um 19.30 Uhr mit einer Kundgebung, an der sich ca. 200 Personen beteiligten. In einem Redebeitrag blickte man auf die vergangenen Jahre einer der größten sozialen Bewegungen der spanischen Geschichte zurück und bestärkte dessen politische Position noch einmal: Widerstand und Alternative. Von dort aus zogen die Aktivist_innen zum Denkmal, welches noch immer an José Antonio Primo de Rivera, dem Gründer der faschistischen Falange-Partei erinnert. Das Monument wurde mit einer Sprühschablone mit der Aufschrift „Demokratie jetzt“, Transparenten und einer braunen Krawatte verziert. Zudem verlasen die Aktivist_innen eine Redebeitrag, der die weiterhin existierenden Verstrickungen mit dem Franquismus thematisierte. Eine für die Nacht angekündigte acampada in Solidarität mit den zu drei Jahren und einem Tag verurteilten 15M-Aktivist_innen Carlos und Carmen wurde bereits im Vorfeld von der Stadtverwaltung sowie der Subdelegation der Regierung mit der Begründung, es werde zu sozialen Spannungen aufgerufen, verboten. Außerdem kam es von Seiten der Regierung zu Strafandrohungen gegen die Organisator_innen. Daraufhin entschieden sich die Aktivist_innen die geplante Acampada nicht durchzuführen.

Our European Action Days are growing broader: New Actions announced in Poland, Sweden and Ireland!

Yesterday we started our common European Days of Action with the Blockade of the European Business Summit in Brussels. Even though we had to face a lot of repression with 250 people arrested, this was a strong statement that we will not accept an authoritarian Europe from above, but fight for a democratic and solidary Europe from below!
For this the creation of a network of the movements from below is absolutely necessary.

With this Decentralized Days of Action we can make many links between the different movements in Europe. And the Action Days are becoming broader.
During the last few Days initiatives and groups from Portugal, Sweden, Poland and Ireland have announced that they will participate in the Days of Action.