Event in Dublin Ireland for The European Days of Action.

Opening of the New Rosie Hackett Bridge in Dublin, 20th May 2014

City: Dublin

Date: 20th May

Time: 3pm

Location: Rosie Hackett Bridge- Spanning the River Liffey joining Marlborough Street to Hawkins Street.

The Dublin IOPS chapter will be demonstrating at the opening of the new Rosie Hackett Bridge in Dublin.

Rosie Hackett was a lifelong trade unionist and labour activist. She cofounded the Irish Women Workers Union (IWWU) in 1911, and played an important part in The Dublin Lockout, which lasted from August 1913 to January 1914.

We will be celebrating the occasion to show solidarity with the long tradition of labour struggle whilst representing a contemporary alternative vision that is carrying on that tradition today. We aim to celebrate Rosie’s ideals and memory, whilst, through our presence, revealing the hypocrisy of the political elite who while commemorating the labour struggle of the past, in the present perpetuate the very oppression that those workers were fighting against.

We welcome anyone to join us.