17th of May Blockupy goes Düsseldorf! – Blockupy Day of Action together with Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart and many other European cities during the European Days of Action “solidarity beyond borders – building democracy from below”

Programme 17th May:

12:00 Meeting at Düsseldorf main station, Rally towards the city centre
13:00 Arrival al main stage, starting point of action:
there will be action about the right to the city, TTIP and working conditions in the textile industry at the “Kö-Bogen” and at the shopping street Kö
17:00 Antiracist Actions for freedom of movement for all at Düsseldorf international airport
–> there will be a collective departure towards the airport from the city centre


Blockupy Düsseldorf Mobi-Clip:

In 2013 we have been to Frankfurt – Now we are taking the resistance against the European austerity politics to the streets of Düsseldorf.

Last year we already pointed out, that the capitalistic crisis does not only manifest on the level of banks and EU-Institutions, but also direct in our every day life. The crisis appears in precarious employment conditions, in stress and competition, while we work and live.

We start the Day of Action with a swift rally form central station towards the city center.

Then there will be actions of disobedience, on the Kö and at the controversial prestige building Kö-Bogen covering among others: Reclaim the Streets, Free Trade Agreement and the exploitative working conditions locally as well as worldwide.

On one of Europe’s most expensive shopping miles we will tag actors of capitalistic exploitation loudly and clearly visible and demonstrate solidarity with the employees struggles.

Following, we will point out the connection between capitalism’s normal state and racist deportation practice at Düsseldorf Airport, Germany’s second biggest deportation airport.

This May we warm up in cities all across Europe, on Day X in autumn we will all come to Frankfurt for disturbing the opening of the ECB.

Let’s cross all borders: struggle in #solidarity, take over the #commons, reinvent #democracy! The step from public protest to civil disobedience is necessary now. Let´s make this step together on May 17 in Düsseldorf!