Lets tackle Apple! Coordinated actions at 16th and 17th of May against the global chains of exploitation

In the frame of http://mayofsolidarity.org/ we will organise protests and civil disobidience simultanously in various European cities in front of Apple stores. We will denounce Apple as profiteer of the global chains of exploitation, as symbol of “modern contract manufacturing” benefitting from the global wage hierarchies. The current crisis policy involves austerity programmes in Europe with the result of redistribution of wealth from bottom to top, that forces more and more people into precarious labour contracts. But in the same time the aggressive crisis policies aim to extend and intensify immediate conditions of exploitation in the global production.

Solidarity beyond boders: from the May of solidarity to the march for freedom, towards new transnational struggles

Between 15th and 25th of May decentralized actions will take place against the programs of austerity and privatizations, against
exploitation and precarization. 17th of May will see simultanous mobilisations in many european cities in the perspective of a transnational movement for democracy, solidarity and commons beyond borders. One day later, at 18th of May, the march for freedom will start in Strassbourg. This protest against the EU-borderregime is initiated by an alliance of migrants and refugee groups from various european countries. After more than 450 km across the borders of several European countries the march will reach Brussels on 20th of June. There, a week
of actions will follow against the EU migration summit under the slogans of equality, dignity and social justice. The Brussels program includes a main demonstration on 26th of June and an alternative summit about the future of the migration related struggles on 27th of June.

Spread the news + join the action: Solidarity beyond borders – Building democracy from below+++Call for European Action Day from May 15th to 25th

+++ Solidarity beyond borders – Building democracy from below+++Call for European Action Day from May 15th to 25th

+++ spread the news +++ get involved + be part of it +++check out www.mayofsolidarity.org +++let us know what your are planning+++

Dear friends and comrades all over Europe and Beyond!

Europe will face a key-moment in May, as social movement activists, altermondialists, migrants, precarious and industry workers, party members and unionists and many more converge to gather new forces for solidarity beyond borders. The programs of austerity and privatizations imposed by the Troika decide on the lives of millions of people in Europe. Together with people in Europe and the world we resist the rehabilitation of capitalism on the backs of employees as well as unemployed, retirees, migrants and the youth. Together with them we say: “We don’t owe, we won’t pay!”. While the European Union crisis regime builds more and more borders in order to divide, exploit and oppress us, new transnational movements are arising.


In the forthcoming weeks you will find all information on the upcoming decentralized europe-wide days of action.

15 to 24th of May 2014 – Build #democracy, take the #commons, struggle in #solidarity

Read the Call for Action.

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