The decentralized days of action in May are organized by movements, organizations, groups and parties of the left and radical left all over Europe that joined our common call.
Amongst these are:

- D19-20, Belgium http://www.d19-20.be
- Alter Summit, Belgium http://www.altersummit.eu/
- Transnational Institute, Belgium http://www.tni.org
- Corporate Europe Observatory, Belgium http://www.corporateeurope.org
- Global Project, Italy http://www.globalproject.info
- Comunia Network, Italy
- ESC, Rome, Italy www.escatelier.net
- Attac France http://www.france.attac.org
- Fundacion de los Comunes, Spain http://fundaciondeloscomunes.net
- Socialist Youth Front, Denmark http://ungdomsfront.dk/english
- the Blockupy coalition, Germany www.blockupy.org
- Blockupy Platform Vienna, Austria http://wien.blockupy-frankfurt.org/
- Coordinamento Migranti, Italy coordinamentomigranti.org
- Connessioni Precarie, Italy http://www.connessioniprecarie.org/
- Initiative 136, Greece www.136.gr
- 15M, Spain http://madrid.tomalaplaza.net/2014/04/21/mayo-2014/
- Poland Talks, Poland: polandtalks.wordpress.com
- International Organization for a Participatory Society, Ireland: http://www.iopsociety.org/
- Allt åt Alla Stockholm, Sweden: https://www.facebook.com/AaASthlm
- Debt and Democracy, Portugal: www.democraciaedivida.wordpress.com