Our European Action Days are growing broader: New Actions announced in Poland, Sweden and Ireland!

Yesterday we started our common European Days of Action with the Blockade of the European Business Summit in Brussels. Even though we had to face a lot of repression with 250 people arrested, this was a strong statement that we will not accept an authoritarian Europe from above, but fight for a democratic and solidary Europe from below!
For this the creation of a network of the movements from below is absolutely necessary.

With this Decentralized Days of Action we can make many links between the different movements in Europe. And the Action Days are becoming broader.
During the last few Days initiatives and groups from Portugal, Sweden, Poland and Ireland have announced that they will participate in the Days of Action.
Event in Dublin for The European Days of Action.

Opening of the New Rosie Hackett Bridge in Dublin, 20th May 2014
City: Dublin
Date: 20th May
Time: 3pm
Location: Rosie Hackett Bridge- Spanning the River Liffey joining Marlborough Street to Hawkins Street.

The Dublin IOPS chapter will be demonstrating at the opening of the new Rosie Hackett Bridge in Dublin.

Rosie Hackett was a lifelong trade unionist and labour activist. She cofounded the Irish Women Workers Union (IWWU) in 1911, and played an important part in The Dublin Lockout, which lasted from August 1913 to January 1914.
We will be celebrating the occasion to show solidarity with the long tradition of labour struggle whilst representing a contemporary alternative vision that is carrying on that tradition today. We aim to celebrate Rosie’s ideals and memory, whilst, through our presence, revealing the hypocrisy of the political elite who while commemorating the labour struggle of the past, in the present perpetuate the very oppression that those workers were fighting against.We welcome anyone to join us.

Within the framework of the European Days of Action Workers’ Initiative trade union from Poland contributes to protests and civil disobedience actions in various cities of Europe against Apple stores.

Warsaw – May 15, Thursday, 6 PM, Nowy Świat 45, in front of iSpace store.
Poznan – May 17, Saturday, 12 PM in front of the Old Brewery (new entrance from Ratajczaka street), where iSpot is.

Here is the link to the announcement in Polish:



Äppelviksvisionen 2030

May 15 the ”board of expropriation” of Stockholm city municipality is, on behalf of the association Allt åt Alla (Omnia omnibus), heading towards one of Stockholm citys most segregated residential districts – Äppelviken. Under the parole ”densify among the wealthy” we inform the residents of Äppelviken, by mail and in the public spaces, about the ”board of expropriation”s decision to build rental apartments in the district. We hope that they will appreciate the opportunity to share their abundant loot!

The right-wing bourgeois alliance speaks warmly about ”mixed types of ownership on the housing market”, but, strangely enough, only when it comes to fooling away commonly owned real estate. Few voices have been raised in favour of mixing and integrate suburbs such as Äppelviken, wehre the annual middle income is 90 358,633 € for men between 20-64, and where half of the population owns an accomodation with five rooms or more. In the same manner the talk about densifying residential areas is always about areas that is already dense enough, where playgrounds for children and groves is at risk of being cleared away.

Therefore we present the urban planning project ”vision of Äppelviken 2030”, that in the name of the ”board of expropriation” of the citys municipality is claiming big parts of the are for conversion into public utility. Ofcourse this is a scam action, but the purpose is to put focus on the areas of the city where the wealth is concentrated and to highlight the class divisions of the city. And this truly terrifies the bourgeois.

A week of city struggles
The action is a part of Allt åt Allas (Omnia omnibus) annual week of city struggles, that this year lasts from May 12 to 18. The week of city struggles, that is coordinated in a number of swedish cities, contains a variety of talks, actions and other events and involves a variety of organizations. In Stockholm we initiated our week at a fancy shopping mall in the center of Stockholm, with a flashy banner drop from the 4th floor, champagne and a declaration in front of a suprised mass of consumers. The week will end with a two day forum on the subject of housing politics in Tensta, a Stockholm suburb, where hundreds of people will discuss and listen to talks about gentrification, transformation processes in the city and the class dynamics of the housing politics. With the week of city struggles we want to coordinate and put in relation all the different struggles that is going on in the city and that realizes the city as a space of class divisions and conflicts. By this we hope to nurture the idea of the city as a common ground that belongs to all. The city is ours!