May 16 – Action Reports from Frankfurt and Luebeck

Frankfurt: The manifestation of the right-wing party “AfD” (“Alternative for Germany”) in the Frankfurt city center was canceled due to massive antifascist protests of Blockupy participants. Eggs and paint were thrown and slogans like “nationalism is no alternative!” where shouted by the antifascists. Hans-Olaf-Henkel, the first candidate of the AfD list, a friend of the well-known Racist public figure Thilo Sarrazin and former boss of the BDI (German Business Association), was hit by an egg. There were two arrests by the police, but eventually the AfD canceled their “event”.
Actions continued at the Apple Store in Frankfurt city center, where hundreds of people gathered for a go-in against the terrible working conditions in Apple production. Banners were hung up inside the Apple Store and the action was a great success. A spontaneous action continued at the Adidas Store.
Luebeck – Activists marked textile and electronic shops in Luebeck with red colour. The main slogan was “capitalism kills”. The action took place in the afternoon in the crowded pedestrian zone. Leaflets explained the background of the paint marks to the shopping people. Just as the police showed up the action was finished and the activists disappeared.