Antifascist call for the Blockupy Days: Nationalism is no alternative!

Serveral antifascist groups from all over Germany and Austria are participating in actions against right-wing answers to the crisis during the coming action days in may. As Democracy in Europe can only be built from below by the direct initiative of millions women and men, against all authoritarian and excluding measures, they want to fight nationalist  and racist tendencies fueled by right-wing politicians during the electoral campaign for the European Parliament. Right-wing parties like the UKIP in the UK, the FN in France, the FPÖ in Austria or the AfD in Germany try to turn the critique of the European crisis regime and capitalism in general into a reactionary orientation back to the nation state.

But  the love of one’s ‚own‘ na­ti­on – for any re­a­son – is the exact op­po­si­te of the po­li­ti­cal so­li­da­ri­ty amongst all peop­le we want to achie­ve. Pa­trio­tism and in­ter­na­tio­nal po­li­ti­cal so­li­da­ri­ty are mu­tual­ly ex­clu­si­ve. Moreover the right-wing „critique“ of the EU only increases the pressure on the different states in Europe to fight even harder for „their“ national interests and to implement even  more austerity measures at a practical level. Therefor the Antifa-Campaign mobilises with the slogan „nationalism is no alternative“ against  the electoral campaign of the right-wing populists, joins the big Blockupy-demonstrations in Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart with own Antifa-Blocks and supports the Mobilisation against the Deportation Airport in Düsseldorf on the 17th of May.

More informations about the Antifa-Campaign (unfortunately only in german):

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