Reflections on Sundays´ Water Referendum in Thessalonikki

People vs. corporate rule: Some personal notes from my participation in Thessaloniki’s great #vote4water referendum


First, quantitative:

More than 1500 volunteers set up ballot boxes outside the 192 electoral centres of the 11 municipalities of Thessaloniki’s metropolitan area, at the same time as the municipal elections taking place inside. Numerous groups and citizens’ initiatives worked side by side to carry out the plebiscite, with the infrastructural and moral support of the 11 municipal councils. A few volunteers, intimidated by the government’s threats to arrest the organizers for “obstructing the electoral process”, failed to show up, however the coordinating groups moved people around quickly and covered the vacancies. There were minor incidents, with some police guards refusing to hand the ballot boxes to the organizers, but legal counsellors intervened successfully in all cases.


Blockupy International coalition +++ Press release +++ 19th of May 2014 +++ “Our democracy and solidarity goes far beyond elections.”

“Our democracy and solidarity goes far beyond elections.”

+ movements across Europe participate in the days of action

+ Demonstrations and civil disobedience for democracy, solidarity and commons.

Tens of thousands in several countries participated in the first part of the European days of action “solidarity beyond borders – building democracy from below”.

Eleonora Cappuccilli from Bologna gives a first résumé for Blockupy international:

“Many initiatives joined the action days from outside the existing networks. Relations are built struggling for a Europe from below and a real democracy. The European movement is strengthened and broadened. These are great conditions for the coming struggles for solidarity, commons and radical democracy. The days of actions will continue until the day of the European elections on 25th of May. On 11th of July the Movement for a Europe from below will mobilize to Turin, to protest against the EU-summit on youth unemployment. In autumn we will get together in Frankfurt to turn the opening of the new ECB-towers into our party of a rising new Europe.”

Final Statement of the Transnational Care Meeting Vienna

From the 16th to the 18th of May the *Transnational Care Meeting* took
place in Austria, Vienna.

This is the Final Statement of the Transnational Care Meeting:

“From the 16th to the 18th of May 2014, we met on invitation of the
Blockupy Platform Vienna to form the Transnational Care Meeting as part
of the European Action days. We are active in different political
groups, movements and projects. For three days, we discussed how the
crisis affects our common social infrastructure, our social relations of
care and our political struggles.