More than 1000 in Bologna: we cross the borders, you will not stop us!

On May the 18th in Bologna more than 1000 persons, many migrants among them, took part at the demonstration organized within the frame of the mobilization #MayOfSolidarity, promoted by the European coordination Blockupy. A strong and resolute demonstration that won the challenge of organizing a great protagonism of migrant in the center of the city during a holyday. In the streets of Bologna many voices shouted against the borders of exploitation and European immigration policies. Many voices shouted against the re-opening of the detention center (CIE) in Bologna and for the closure of all those existing inside and outside Europe, against the emergency management of welcome politics and for the closure of detention centers for asylum seekers, for the abolition of the Bossi-Fini law and of the link between the labour contract and the residence permit. These are the objectives of a truly central and transnational initiative.

During the demo the responsibilities of the Italian government and its local delegates – Questura and Prefettura – have been pointed out, and it was denounced the border regime of Schengen, the patrols managed by Frontex, deportations and the Dublin II agreement on asylum. Against the politics producing death on the external borders of Europe, and exploitation and precarity for all inside Europe, migrants brought their force into the streets, together with many workers, students, precarious and movements, associations and unions who supported this day of struggle. A day which concretely united, within the frame of #MayOfSolidarity, the struggles against austerity politics and precarization with those of migrants against the hierarchies produced by institutional racism. A solidarity without borders is necessary in order to win. From Bologna a voice raises and says: we cross the borders, here we struggle, you will not stop us!

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