News from Thessaloniki: Authorities declared Referendum on water in Thessaloniki as “illegal”

In a last-minute panic move, the Greek government, through a circular by Minister of the Interior G.Michelakis, declared “illegal” todays’ grassroots referendum regarding water privatization in Thessaloniki, and threatens the organizers with legal action for “obstructing the electoral process”. This sudden panic move was obviously motivated by the fact that the organization of the referendum so far has been impeccable: Around 1500 volunteers are confirmed for setting up the ballot boxes, which translates to about 7 volunteers per electoral centre. Moreover, the citizens have embraced the referendum and an overwhelming “no” vote is expected.

17M – Rome – Demonstration for Commons against austerity and privatization

rome commoners of europe rise uprome 17th may 2014






On 17th of May in Rome the demonstration for commons against privatizations and austerity took place. In the frame of the European action days, thousands of people took the streets to reaffirm the necessity of a “common management of the commons”, against the great works unnecessary, against the environmental devastation and for the right to city.

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