16M in Naples

On the #16M morning, more than 30 municipalities in Campania have been experienced by groups of activists of the territorial committees for the environment. They are once again returning to work on initiatives that request a solution for the territories of the region, poisoned after years and years of legal and illegal dumping of common and industrial wastes.
These committees, against what they call “Biocide”, had been protagonists of last autumn of mobilization and created the famous political demonstration called #Fiumeinpiena, last 16th of November.
Yesterday, on the 16th of May (#16M),six month after that big mobilization, they have decided to come back in the streets and in the public buildings: some of them have built a morning of information, by stands in which people could find information about the ”Biocide” and, first of all, about the alternatives to the “non-solution” of the Government and the local administration.
In Naples, the committees have been occupying the municipal building, settling a large stripe on the main balcony that said “The land of the fires is still burning – stop biocide”.
But Campania is not the only region in which this campaign lives: now, Stop-Biocide committees were born all around the country, and yesterday a lot of Italian cities like Rome, Taranto, Pescara, have been building similar initiatives to say that now “Stop Biocide” is a national movement, and it wants to achieve an European breath.
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