Press release by D19-20: 10 days before elections citizens show political leaders & big business that “Democracy is not for sale”

15 May 2014, Brussels

10 days before elections citizens show political leaders & big business
that “Democracy is not for sale”

Farmers, trade unions and citizens belonging to the D1920 Alliance and Alter Summit shut-down Brussels’ biggest corporate lobbying event this morning, where many high-level political leaders were expected, in protest at big business dictating European policy while the voices of citizens are excluded.

“It’s unacceptable that 10 days before regional, national and European elections, political and big business chiefs are colluding together to decide the future of Europe. But citizens had enough of a Europe made for high profits and social misery. Shutting down this lobbying jamboree is sending a clear message that democracy is not for sale at any price. We demand a Europe from below.” Said Rudy Janssens from Belgian public services trade union CGSP

Antifascist call for the Blockupy Days: Nationalism is no alternative!

Serveral antifascist groups from all over Germany and Austria are participating in actions against right-wing answers to the crisis during the coming action days in may. As Democracy in Europe can only be built from below by the direct initiative of millions women and men, against all authoritarian and excluding measures, they want to fight nationalist  and racist tendencies fueled by right-wing politicians during the electoral campaign for the European Parliament. Right-wing parties like the UKIP in the UK, the FN in France, the FPÖ in Austria or the AfD in Germany try to turn the critique of the European crisis regime and capitalism in general into a reactionary orientation back to the nation state.

Solidarity to our brothers and sisters in Turkey – In mourning of the hunderds killed at Soma mines

As the action days kick-off across Europe, we extend our solidarity to our comrades and friends in Turkey who have suffered a great loss, the death of hundreds of workers  at the Soma mines – a murder at the hand of profitmongering capital and neoliberal working conditions.

Over 400 coal miners were killed while trapped underground in Soma. Soma is the direct outcome of the privatization of the mining sector, where profit replaced safety expenses - and workers paid the price. Whatever Governments say, there is no destiny nor fatality involved in the killings of yesterday. There was nothing inevitable; the possibility of a disaster in Soma had been pointed to the Government two weeks ago.

Call from DISK and the other unions, the Chamber of urban planners, and other groups who called for an action in Taksim square last night and all over Turkey
Soma – Workplace Murder Not Industrial Accident


Care Revolution Action. May 18 in Berlin.

** autonomous queer-feminist mobilization **

Join us from 12-18h at Lausitzer Platz in Berlin for talks, workshops, a city walk, a participative exhibiltion, open mic, people’s kitchen and cake!

** childcare available all afternoon **

12h :: Rally talks on the Midwives’ Protests, from the BALANCE pregnancy counseling center, with the summer camp initiative Who lives with whom and how?

13h :: Rally input on the situation in the care sector for persons with disabilities

13.30h :: Discussion on health and healthcare with the Association of Democratic Doctors

14.15 :: Talk on living and self-determining sexuality

15-16h :: Talk on alternative living and housing concepts – young/old/collective/feminist

16-17h :: Feminist tour through Kreuzberg

16-17h :: Talk on living in multi-generational households and dealing with age and power differences, gender assignments and queer forms of life

17.30 :: Inputs from the Campaign against Racist Police Violence, on Rising Rents and Displacement, on the Labor Struggle of Care Workers at Charité Hospital

Closing :: Discussion with all about care gaps in our lives and organizing for social alternatives!