Debt and Democracy from Portugal joins May of Solidarity Action days!

On 17th May it is the 3rd year anniversary of the official signature of the Portuguese Troika Memorandum. The government is publishing proud books on all austerity measure it undertook and announcing victory when it really just kicked the debt can a few months while benefiting of the Draghi effect. Political parties are campaigning, major unions are probably with them, and nothing is schedule that contests the government speech at that date.
The Debt and Democracy collective is organizing a debate on the streets near the constitutional court, at 16H.

Commoners all around Europe, let’s unite on 17th of May

Here is a new call for the rally in Rome on the 17th:
Demostration in Rome on 17th may at 2 pm in Piazza della Repubblica against privatization and austerity #MayOfSolidarity

In the last years the rhetorical talks about public debt cut, austerity and policies to contrast the crisis have provided a justification for a continuing expropriation of resources, services and rights for everybody. Embezzlement of what is Common, sell-off of public assets, gradual dismantling of guarantees and services, are the real target of the current neo-liberal overhaul: the privatization and the concentration in a few hands of the Commons, the commodification and exploitation of life in all its aspects.

Miniguide for Social Media Campaign of the European Days of Action

How to connect the European struggles with communication tools during the May of Solidarity?

We have prepared and invite everyone to participate in a common, distributed viral campaign for the Week of Actions. This miniature guide should explain the strategy – including a tweet storm to become a global trending topic on the 15th, and a strategy of connecting the struggles during the following days with the same hashtag. It should also explain briefly the main tools used for the campaign and provide ideas of possible participation forms.
Before the action
–Join, share and invite your friends to the Facebook event
–Create and share memes (image+slogan) to get viral in Facebook and Twitter
–Share the action call on your websites, blog, Facebook and Twitter account
During the action