The protest-camp of 595 janitors, outside the Ministry of Finance (next to Syntagma square, Athens), who are under suspension, has decided to be part of the European Days of Action!

Since last September 595 janitors of the Ministry of Finance, all of them women, have been fighting by any means against their, Troika imposed, “suspension” from their jobs. Their struggle has become iconic for its determination and they have won the hearts and minds and the support of the Greek people. The female workers have taken on the streets daily, they have gathered outside the Ministry of Finance, made unannounced symbolic visits of “cleaning” in tax offices, chased the representatives of Troika, they stood by other unfolding worker’s struggles, coordinated their struggle with the rest of public sector employees who are under “suspension”. They even collided with riot police, when a squad of the latter were employed to remove 4 cleaners from the Ministry of Finance, sending two women injured in the hospital.

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