International Blockupy coalition Press release 7th of May 2014 “Europe: not only elections, but actions for solidarity and democracy from below!”

+ Europeanwide days of action from 15th to 25th of May

+ International press conference at blockades of “Business Europe” Summit – Brussels, May 15th, 10 am, Petit Sablon

Before the election of the European Parliament social movement activists, altermondialists, migrants, precarious and industry workers, party members and unionists and many more people call for European days of action from 15th to 25th with the slogan “solidarity beyond borders – building democracy from below”.
Activities in dozens of cities in nine different European countries have been announced already.

Stop austerity! Stop privatizations! Water, land, income, house, jobs, commons, social rights and democracy in Italy and Europe Call for the construction of a nationalwide demonstration in Rome (Italy) on May 17th

A new era in privatization of the commons, in attacks against our social rights and democracy is beginning.
The extraordinary victory achieved at 2011 water referendum shows that consent to a “private is better” ideology has ended and the multitude of open conflicts dealing with the defence of commons and local territories suggests the possibility and the urgency of a new social model.
But crisis, built on the trap of public debt, is proposing again the ideology of
“private is compulsory and indispensable” in a strong and fierce way. The aim is clear: allow the enormous amount of money hoarded by financial markets to take possession of our country’s and Europe’s social wealthness, dictating a corrupt productive model, commodifying commons and alienating basic rights.